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Tsomoriri and Tsokar Jeep Safari - 4 Days

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Tsomoriri and Tsokar Jeep Safari:

Tsomoriri Lake is a beautiful mountain bounded expanse of water, around 240 kms from Leh in Rupsho valley. It extents 15 miles in length and 3 to 5 miles width, at a height of 14,000 ft. On the southwest bank of the Lake is Korzok village inhabited by friendly nomadic people and around 135 years old monastery, which was founded between 1851-1861 by Lama Kunga Lodos Snyingbo.

The Changpa nomadic people are most outstanding feature of the Lake who can be seen moving from one place to another grazing with herds of goats and Yaks. Tsokar Lake, Tsokar means salt lake, which is around 154 kms. from Leh and 76 kms. from Tsomoriri. The small Gonpa at Thukje village is a branch of Korzok monastery. Tsomoriri Jeep safari can be organized for 3-4 days by Jeep starting from Leh

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Tsomoriri and Tsokar Jeep Safari