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Yasmin LadakhJULLIEN (France)

Ladakh Jeep Safari

Visited September 2018

JULLIEN (France)

We are a couple from France who came to Leh in 2018 in the month of September. we went to the office of Yasmin Trek & Tour for enquiring about tours in Ladakh.

The manager was very courteous, gentle and polite. He explained us each and every tours conducted in Ladakh.

Finally we agreed to take services from Yasmin Trek & Tours. The Agency organized us Jeep safari to Nubra, Pangong Lake and Tsomoriri. It was really a worth while experience they charged us reasonable price and yet their service was also excellent in every form.

We also took their services for visiting local monasteries with the company’s Guide Sonam. If any one is interested in doing Jeep Safari, Sight-Seeing & Package tours in Ladakh do not forget to take the services of Yasmin Trek & Tours as the Company is Professional in all aspects..

Yasmin LadakhRUSS TAYLOR (U.S.A)

Exotic Ladakh Tour

Visited September 2018

I highly recommend traveling with Yasmin trek & tour. I have traveled with them several times in Ladakh and have found their staff to be always friendly & helpful. They are , knowledgeable about the treks, have the most excellent cooks, and are ready to help the travelers in any way. One of the biggest advantages of Yasmin Trek & Tour is that they also own Grand  Yasmin Hotel.

This Hotel has comfortable rooms, and a nice lawn/patio to spend a quiet afternoon, reading or recovering from your trek. If its Jeep tours you are looking for, they have safe, courteous drivers who are patient and willing to let you stop for that extra photo along the way, so everything is covered from the moment you land in Ladakh until its time to head home. I will certainly travel with this company again

Yasmin LadakhSIMON YOUNG (U.K) 

Lamayuru to Padum

Visited August 2008


In the month of August 2008 we did a Trek with Yasmin Trek & Tour from Lamayuru to Padum for ten days. It was really an exciting and adventurous trek. The Agency Yasmin Trek & Tour organized us a five star trek, right from Guide to Cook, Horseman, helper, and every one made us feel very comfortable. The food was delicious. We highly recommend Yasmin trek & tour for any one who is interested in going for trekking in Ladakh.

Andy (USA)Andy (USA)

Spituk to Stok

Visited July 2017

Really we did a fantastic short trek from Spituk to Stok for four days being organized by Yasmin Trek & Tour. It was a wonderful trek. The cook Vishwanath made delicious food consisting of Indian, Chinese & Continental food. The Horseman Dorjay was amusing and very helpful person. We only regret that we should have more time so that we could have done a longer trek. Yasmin trek & tour made our Holidays memorable

Yasmin LadakhBarbara & friends (Holland)

Markha Valley trek

Visited July 2008

We were group of six people who did a eight days Markha Valley trek in the month of July 2008. The whole trek including food, Guide, cook, helper, equipments, horseman etc was organized by Yasmin Trek & Tour. Initially we were bit reclutant to ask for the services of this agency, as we did not know what kind of service they would provide. But once we finished the trek, we have the feeling that we enjoyed our Holidays in the Himalayas.

The Agency cares for clients right from the beginning of the trek up to the end. We also recommend this Agency to our friends who are planning to do a trek in Ladakh in the year 2009.
Keep it up…

Yasmin LadakhMarco & Raberto (Italy)

Stok Khangri Expedition

Visited October 2017

We are two Italian boys who did four day Expedition to Stok Khangri. We were intending to do the expedition ourselves as we are budget bag packers. But the Manager convinced us to do the expedition through Yasmin trek & tours & the company gave us very reasonable price including the permit for the expedition.

The Guide Talag from Nepal is really an experienced Guide, who has climbed Stok Khangri for at least 50 to 60 times. The food, equipments & staff was perfect. We highly recommended the company’s service to other adventurous loving people who want to take expedition in Ladakh in near future

Camping Yasmin LadakhDaniel Santschi (Zurich)

Markha Valley Trek

Visited August 2017

In a group of 6 friends we discovered the valley around Leh, with the interesting monasteries. Of course we went on the famous Marka trekking.

As dessert 2 of us climbed the mountain Stok Kangri (with one of the most exiting sunrises ever on the top).

Our visit was a full success, mainly because we had chosen the best trekking agency in Leh. The agency owner Sahid organized everyting for us. He is very friendly and reliable. We really recommend him.

Guide Shekhar cared about everything, like river crossing, the best way to take and a good camp site.

Thanks also to Banti the trekking Manager, Minbahadur the cook with the kitchen boys Ringzin and Akash, the drivers who showed us around, The horsemen and and the Hotel staff. Everybody was very helpful and friendly.

Yasmin LadakhPark (South Korea)

Rafting in Indus

Visited September 2017

Do not miss to take services from Yasmin trek & tour for doing rafting trips in Ladakh including transportation, food & equipments.

It is a life time experience..

Tourist group Yasmin LadakhGuy Pierce

Ladakh Trekking Tours

Visited October 2000

We at CESI Inc. want to encourage you to come to Ladakh for a trek in the Indian Himalayas! My name is Guy Pierce and I founded Cultural Education Services International back in 2000. Our goal has been to build bridges between peoples by fostering understanding of cultures. This can only happen as we are exposed to one another and have the opportunity to interact. We decided to come to Ladakh in 2001 and have encouraged groups to come and do treks, to do sightseeing tours, and to volunteer in schools and villages while at the same time learning about Ladakhi culture and sharing their own. We have had a number of groups come from the United States and Europe who have thoroughly enjoyed their time there.

Since our arrival in Ladakh, we have partnered with Shahid Latif and Yasmin Trek and Tour in Leh city. We have been immensely impressed with their service and care for our groups. It starts with being picked up from the airport and transported to Grant Yasmin Hotel where all our groups stay. The rooms are simple and nice, the courtyard quiet, the service fantastic. In fact, our groups rated the accommodations and service there an average of 4 out of 5 stars.

Next, we received expert help from Shahid and his staff in preparing our trips and treks, no matter what kind they were – from sightseeing to attending festivals to difficult treks. They prepared transportation and food for these trips, as well as donkeys and guides for the treks. The guides were knowledgeable and dependable and fun to trek with. Our groups consistently commented on how personable and professional they were. In addition, they helped immediately in the unfortunate event of high altitude sickness or other health issues.

We have enjoyed our relationship with Yasmin Trek and Tour and are confident that you would too. We unreservedly recommend them for a memorable trip in the enchanting mountains of North India..

Guy Pierce
Founder of CESI Inc.