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Jeep Safari in Ladakh

Several Exotic places in Ladakh are far off and inaccessible normally and can only be explored by a Jeep/ 4 x 4 – wheel drive. You can thus explore the the culture, tradition, and wildlife in these places, which are must see for a Visitor to Ladakh.

The people of Ladakh have lived for centuries in barren inhospitable terrain , but Ladakh for traveler, Ladakh for trekker and Ladakh for climber are different words. Tourists who do not like the trek, yet are interested to explore the Culture, Tradition, Wilderness can visit adventurous places in Ladakh by a Jeep -Safari.

They can range from an ultimate test for your 4×4-wheel drive or a gentle drive through some of the most spectacular landscapes on our planet. Tourists interested in various culture, tradition, and wildlife have places, which are must see.

Best Period: May to September end