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Ladakh Eco-Tourism

Pangong Lake Ladakh

Let’s stand committed, let’s pledge to save the ecology of Ladakh:

Never leave a fire unattended.

Never leave behind a trail of rubbish.

Fallen trees are a valuable wildlife habitat, do not remove or use them for firewood.

Never tamper with nests, eggs or young ones if you come across them

Be aware of your environment and conscious of your actions.

Always camp at a designated camping ground wherever possible.

Keep the campsite small and discreet so as not to disturb wildlife.

Always set camps 30m away from lakes and streams.

Keep noise levels low, especially when traveling through a National Park.

Set up a temporary dustbin to dispose off waste by all campers. Make sure to carry it away.

Avoid using polythene and even if used, don’t leave it behind.

For drinking water always use boiled water instead of plastic mineral water bottles.

Never discard rubbish/waste into a water body.

Respect the local communities, their culture and customs..