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Ladakh Culture

Ladakh Cultural Tour

Cultural Tour of Ladakh

Rich Cultural background makes Ladakh interesting land for the lovers of art, culture and civilization. Abundant Monasteries, centuries old towns and markets, roots and remains of age old religions like Buddhism make it a mystic land to explore.

Abundant ancient monasteries makes Ladakh an ideal ground for pilgrimage journeys to these age-old pillars of Tibetan Buddhism. It is also a region where ancient trade caravans once passed through on their way to the teeming markets of Central Asia. Numerous monasteries lie within easy driving distance from Leh while others are more remote and require a few days to reach.

Each region and almost each village in Ladakh has its own monastery. Home to student monks and nuns many of these edifices stand on rugged mountain sides high above the valley floor and provide religious sustenance to the local populace strengthening their beliefs and traditions. All our pilgrimage journeys are undertaken by Jeeps that provide easy access even to remote areas. We offer four selective pilgrimage journeys that very much take in the major accessible monasteries and the villages that once hosted traders of the fabled silk route.

Friendly and extremely hospitable; a natural joie-de-vivre; ancient traditions; wizened monks; ancient famous monasteries; Tibetan form of Buddhism; socio-religious festivals; fertile fields ripening for harvest; Archery; Polo; dance and song. This is what Ladakh’s culture is all about.

There are the ancient pure Aryan race of Drok pa, a small colourful community; the cheerful and hardy Changpa nomads with their herds of Yak, goat and sheep. Ladakh is rich in culture and our tours take you to experience this wide diversity of ethnic wealth.

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