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Hotel Yasmin provides an excellent view of Ladakh Landscape

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Hotel Yasmin commands a Grand stature in Leh, besides being comfortable and the affordable

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Hotel Yasmin has got enough rooms that are spacious and available.

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Enjoy the Candle-light dinner in pure ambience at Yasmin.

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Situated in western extension of the Tibetan Plateau, surrounded by a majestic fortress of barren mountains, perched half way between earth & sky at a height of 6000 meters, there lies an ancient Himalayan Kingdom: Ladakh- The land of High Passes.

Though a high attitude cold desert, Ladakh is home to an enchanting heritage and culture that are unique in the world. In days gone by, weary travelers on the Silk route often stopped in this region for a brief respite from their perilous journey. Today, we invite you to come and share the same magical experience.

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